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Fire incidents are considered to be one of the most catostropic events in general industry or at any work site. Such incident have devastating impact leading to high losses both in life and property. To ensure fire safety at workplace and to avoid fire incidents, it is mandatory to have clear understanding of fire.


First Aid is an essential training to provide you the confidence to step in and help when an emergency occurs. Safe Vision provides courses that will give you the knowledge and skills to be able to identify potential hazards and respond right away to prevent casualties and help save lives.


We’re a world-leading developer of certificated safety and health training courses. Our courses provide insights and practical tools so that individuals and organizations can create safer and healthier working environments.


No-one should be injured or made ill at work. There are some of the key things to ensure that people are safe at work. We are all responsible for our own health and safety and for the health and safety of others.


The Scaffold Training Institute is a worldwide leader in providing scaffold training programs. Scaffold Training Institute programs have been used to train over 250,000 workers around the world since 1991, making it perhaps the number one source of scaffold training materials worldwide.